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If the purpose is to truly defeat and destroy ISIS President Obama has no policy. Congress has no policy. Virtually none of the Democratic or Republican candidates for president, who mostly offer stentorian platitudes rather than coherent strategies or plans, have no policy. NATO has no policy. Great Britain, whose prime minister offers eloquent denunciations of terrorists every time the British people are threatened while he proceeds to withdraw Britain from a leadership role in Europe and the world, has no policy. The Arab League and regimes across the Middle East have no policy.

I strongly opposed going to war in Iraq after the terror attacks in September 2001 but neither America nor the world community should keep 搇earning?the wrong 搇essons?of Iraq, any more than we 搇earned?the wrong 搇essons?of Vietnam.

Another large Mideast ground invasion would be unwise and disastrous but we cannot and will not win the war that ISIS has declared and is aggressively waging against us without some effective component of 揵oots on the ground?to supplement the air power we are employing, and to the degree we employ air power it should include a no-fly zone over Syria and Iraq.

To believe we can win a war without ground troops defies every lesson of military history, strategic doctrine and common sense from the moment of Creation until today. It cannot be done. Period. End of discussion. This delusion must die the death it deserves before more Americans and Europeans die the death that awaits from the terrorism that is coming if we do not act.